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Funny New Year

I was walking home on what felt like the coldest day of the year. It was New Years Eve night or rather a very early New Years Day when I was accosted by a prostitute. She was a dark asian, probably Thai by her accent and like most of the streetwalkers in my nieghbourhood not at all glamerous looking if a little dowdy very much fitting in as a regular local - I suspect she was, they all are, She was very assertive and persisted in that I should take her up on her services. However after several polite refusals and we parted company as I walked up a side street to get to my home. And then, despite the fact that she had obviously been out in the cold for some time and I was noy helping back to her warm abode, she wished me a sincere and joyful Happy New Year. What is it about my life that the people in it who are the nicest to me are street prostitutes(& the occasional loony)?

On the day after New Years day I was on my way to Calpham Junction and waiting for a connecting bus at Clapham Common. The trees were liberally dusted with frost and people were wearing the most ridiculous hats; just to keep warm. So I was slightly taken aback ot see a small flock/flack/passel(?  there were only four which I don't think is enough to constitute a 'pandemonium' or 'company' )  of bright Green Parakeets which flew overhead. How cold does it have to be to kill these tropical birds off? And what do they use for anti-freeze and where can I get some? 

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