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London Mayor's Thames Festival

From the 13 of September  to the 14 September this year, 2008 there will be music, arts, entertainment and just wierd spectacles events on the Southbank and the River at
The Mayor's Thames Festival

        Thames Festival Fireworks                 

Image of last years festival ganked from LondonSE1
The walk along the South bank is fiull of sights that even as a Londoner you may not of seen so you can get there early, find a decent spot to watch the festivities, grab a bit to eat and take a stroll to watcg the events. Or you can turn up at the last minute and join the scrum like the rest of us:) - it will be crowded at points.

So if you have hyperactive children (or partners) and would like to tire them out this should do it. They can stay up all night and not get you banned from your favourite restaurant/bar. Do take plenty of money and/or a picnic baskets and pack a jacket as the weather isn't prediacatable.

The best palce to watch the festival is along the south bank riverside walkway between the London Eye and Tower Bridge. Or... get a boat:)

Tube & train: London Bridge.
Bus:  17, 21, 35, 40, 43, 47, 48, 133, 141, 149, 343, 381, 521, RV1 all go to the immediate area but double check as roads will be cordoned off for the festival so buses may not take their usual route there.

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