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SW2 Readers: 'Lone Wolf and Cub' 25 Aug

The SW2 Graphic Novel Readers Group is reading the Lone Wolf  and Cub first book: The Assassin's Road. We will be meeting to discuss it on the 25 August 2008 at Streatham Library at 19:30 on. All are welcome to join us.

We are very pleased to be reading yet another classic manga.  But many fans might point out that Lone Wolf  and Cub is a gekiga: a term denoting a slightly more serious medium than mangaLone Wolf  and Cub is now well known in the west since the, now defunct, First Comics publishsed Lone Wolf  and Cub in 1987, thereafter Dark Horse has been publishing english tarnslations. But most people in the west are probably aware of Lone Wolf  and Cub from the numeorus flims made of Ogami Ittō, the Shogun's disgraced executioner travelling the roads of mediaeval Japan as amasterless samurai, a ronin, and working as an assassin

If you have any interest in manga or gekiga please contact Streatham Library and reserve a copy of Lone Wolf  and Cub to read and do please turn up for the meeting to discuss the book.

Streaham Library , 68 Streatham High Road, Lambeth, London, SW16 1PL.  Printable map
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